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How Trump Is Creating A Wave Of Curiosity On Packback Questions

Whether you support the current president or not, his journey to the White House has caused more young people to raise questions about our political system now more than ever.

Students can’t help but be curious about the future of the country after one of the United States’ most controversial elections.


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The Ability for Students to Engage and Interact 24/7

Brand Ambassador Beverly Paz shares about her experience with Packback Questions.

When attending larger schools, such as the University of Alabama, it is nearly impossible to avoid larger classes. Within two years, I have been in several lecture-based classes with a couple hundred classmates. The issue  is that when the class is too big, the professor can become overwhelmed and there is no class time for interacting in small groups. How can students maximize their courses when no class time is set aside for practicing concepts, asking questions, critical thinking or interacting with other students?

While not completely ridding the educational system of non-engaging lectures, Packback does offer multiple features that begin to remedy the situation.

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Meet Our Ambassador: Jeremy Cummings

Jeremy is a freshman at the University of Alabama majoring in Physics and Mathematics. His dream is to work with the physics of nuclear fusion development because he has always been fascinated by the promise of limitless clean energy and a single fusion reactor could power a country. In order to make headway in this field, he knows that he needs to work towards an understanding of and curiosity about the natural world. He finds value in Packback and became one of our Curiosity Ambassadors in 2016.

When I started on Packback, I was skeptical. The open question concept sounded great for a philosophy class, but as a physics major, it didn’t seem useful. In just a few weeks of class, I have been proven totally wrong. The questions might be inspired by class, but they extend to topics so much broader and, admittedly, more interesting.

Packback has allowed Jeremy to explore his interests beyond the classroom and he seeks to share his experience with others.

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Meet Our Ambassador: Mason Estevez

Mason Estevez is a junior at the University of Alabama majoring in Economics and Journalism. His family background in small business made him realize that no matter what field he decides to pursue, he wants to work in a close-knit team and make a tangible impact. In his free time, Mason enjoys cooking because it’s when his deepest thinking happens.

My deepest thinking always happens when I’m cooking. I don’t know if it’s because a spatula feels like a microphone in my hand, but I always end up making a speech to an imaginary audience to defend whatever opinions I have about current events. Sometimes I lose those imaginary arguments. The upside is that there’s always food at the end.

Since he first joined Packback, Mason has consistently portrayed his critical and curious mind through his questions and responses. The combination of the two majors helps him develop an analytical mindset and the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and accurately and Packback is the perfect outlet for him to practice his skills.

That’s why Mason became a Curiosity Ambassador to be a part of bringing in a new and useful learning method to University of Alabama and he wants to share his view on Packback.

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