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Marketing Is Better With Questions

What makes a person want to purchase something? Marketing students want to know, and they’re asking about it on Packback Questions.

Recently on the blog, we talked about how college students have a certain intrigue with how the human mind works. With the subject of marketing, it’s about asking the question, ”How do I move people towards the action I want them to take?”
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Psychology Is Better With Questions

In many student’s eyes, psychology is one of the most engaging and interesting subjects in college.

That’s for three reasons:

  1. We all have personal stories to share. Psychology brings these stories out in full color and emotions.
  2. Psychology helps us understand ourselves better, by gaining new perspectives on our own experiences.
  3. It’s fascinating to discuss the study of our mind and behavior with others. Relating to others about thought processes is often a rewarding experience.

Lectures are great for getting students introduced to new ideas, but the next step is to let students engage with the content by letting them ask questions. When students feel that they have a safe space to ask questions, they naturally seek to connect the dots and find where psychology is relevant in their lives. That’s why developing students’ ability to ask great questions makes for effective student engagement.

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