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Packback is Hiring: Why You Should Consider Joining the Team!

Our mission at Packback is to fuel lifelong curiosity. Not only in students but also in our Chicago office. We have a value-focused team who is passionate about helping professors build their students’ critical thinking skills and make the subject matter come to life.

This winter, we’re looking to expand our team with lifelong learners who will thrive in a culture-driven environment, have strong communication skills and proven experience with inside sales.

When you work at Packback, you won’t feel like a number. We empower team members and offer guidance with various training and growth opportunities, including a bi-monthly event called “A More Curious Chicago”. During these events, a panel of leaders in sales, business and entrepreneurship come to Packback and share their knowledge, not only with our team but with young professionals throughout Chicago.

Curious to learn more? We asked members of our sales team to share what it’s like working at Packback and why now is the best time to join our team!

Check out our open roles and apply here.

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Packback Webinar: Using Technology to Improve Critical Thinking and Engagement

Packback CEO Mike Shannon was joined by Dr. Kathleen West of UNC Charlotte and Dr. Kaston Anderson-Carpenter of Michigan State University. These two psychology professors shared how they’re using technology and positive reinforcement to improve students’ critical thinking skills, engagement and written communication.

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Introducing The “Give Feedback” Feature

Scaling relationships between the professor and each student are hard when class sizes grow; so Packback sees it as a core part of our mission to help professors scale their feedback and impact in their classes. To help professors have more control over the feedback their students receive and to offer a way to provide positive feedback that scalably impacts the entire class, Packback has introduced a new professor and TA feature called, “Give Feedback”.

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CEO Mike Shannon at the ASU GSV Summit

“We are reversing education’s fast-answer epidemic, reviving the life skill of asking great questions by awakening and fueling lifelong curiosity, no matter the scale.”

Listen to our co-founder and CEO Mike Shannon discuss the mission of Packback at the ASU/GSV conference.

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Video of Packback Questions

Packback Questions is a smart discussion platform that exists to awaken and fuel the lifelong curiosity in every student. Learn how Packback helps professors increase curiosity, engagement and critical thinking in students.

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