Packback is Hiring: Why You Should Consider Joining the Team!

Our mission at Packback is to fuel lifelong curiosity. Not only in students but also in our Chicago office. We have a value-focused team who is passionate about helping professors build their students’ critical thinking skills and make the subject matter come to life.

This winter, we’re looking to expand our team with lifelong learners who will thrive in a culture-driven environment, have strong communication skills and proven experience with inside sales.

When you work at Packback, you won’t feel like a number. We empower team members and offer guidance with various training and growth opportunities, including a bi-monthly event called “A More Curious Chicago”. During these events, a panel of leaders in sales, business and entrepreneurship come to Packback and share their knowledge, not only with our team but with young professionals throughout Chicago.

Curious to learn more? We asked members of our sales team to share what it’s like working at Packback and why now is the best time to join our team!

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Lindsey Cleys

Packback Team Member Since October 2017

How have you grown as an individual because of your role at Packback?

LCPrior to working at Packback, I had no previous experience in sales. I have been at Packback for almost a year now and have grown so much personally and professionally. I have been able to develop and strengthen my communication skills on a daily basis. One of the most crucial skills I have learned is the importance of asking questions. I get to work with so many unique and talented individuals that I feel the need to push myself to be better. Every day I talk to professors about Packback’s mission of awakening and fueling lifelong curiosity in every student, but I didn’t realize this extended to more than just the students in the classroom. Learning about everyone’s unique talents and goals pushed me to level up and try exploring new interests. Packback is best for those that want to challenge themselves to be lifelong learners.

Describe your experience working at Packback.

LCIn the year I have been here, Packback has grown and changed in many ways! The team has doubled in size, our product has evolved and we are working to make a more curious Chicago through community outreach! At a startup, I quickly learned that the one constant is change. Not only has the company changed, but I have grown immensely. My confidence on calls has grown significantly and I have developed great relationships with professors and my coworkers. Although the role can be challenging and a lot of hard work in the beginning, if you push yourself, the work gets easier. I am excited to continue to grow in my role and see what new opportunities arise.

What advice would you give someone looking to join Packback as an Account Executive?

LC: Be eager to learn and confident in yourself! Our team members are open and receptive to any and all feedback. We all come from different backgrounds and have individual approaches, but work together to reach our goals.

Meghan McMahon

Packback Team Member Since January 2018

What does it take to be a successful Account Executive?

MMI would say a good attitude, drive and a passion to learn. One of the most important qualities to be successful in this role is to have a positive outlook. There are days you may hear more “nos” than “yeses” but that’s ok. Starting each day with a positive attitude will go a long way! As a startup, things are always evolving, so it’s important to be flexible and willing to grow with the company. We have an amazing team and everyone brings a unique perspective to the group.

What challenges can an Account Executive expect to face?

MM: The most common challenge you face in this role is rejection. You can’t always predict what will happen but the key is to stay positive and seek feedback to continue to grow. There are a lot of highs and lows throughout a sales campaign and factors out of your hands. As a team, we focus on the factors which we can control. There are going to be days where nothing seems to be going your way, but it’s important to celebrate even the smallest victory!

What gets you pumped to work at Packback every day?

MMThe first thing that comes to mind? Our office dog, Pepper! But we also have an amazing team here at Packback that really makes coming to work enjoyable. I’m challenged every day in my work which keeps things interesting and I always feel like my unique background and experience is valued. Packback is changing the game in education and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.


Jesse Shapiro

Packback Team Member Since June 2015

How do Account Executives (Strategy Consultants) contribute to the success of Packback?

JSAccount Executives are responsible for bringing students and professors onto the platform. We are the frontline of the company and oftentimes are the first interaction a professor will have with Packback, and we all know how important first impressions are! Beyond simply spreading our purpose and generating revenue for the company, we are what will allow Packback to reinvest in our team and product. Every new feature designed and created by our engineering team is a result of us being able to bring new revenue. We are how the company continues to take innovative leaps in the education space.

Why is now the best time to join Packback?

JSThere are so many great reasons to join Packback now! During the last 3 years, we have grown from nine to more than 50, with much of that growth happening during the last 12 months. We will be doubling the team again, so this is one of the last times to truly get in on the “ground floor” of a start-up. I take pride in still knowing every employee’s name, being able to walk a short distance to talk to engineers, and our ability to have weekly meetings as a company! As we grow, things will change. While we will always be an incredibly friendly, fun-loving group of individuals, the closeness we are able to have as a startup won’t last forever. But lucky for new hires coming onboard in 2019, there’s still time! Help us build something amazing, knowing you’re joining a team where your opinions and thoughts will be taken into consideration.

If you’re interested in joining the Packback team as an Account Executive, send us an application!